Fiat Lux Scholarship

The Fiat Lux Scholarship creates opportunities for resilient students with unique life experiences to make a profound impact at the University of California, Berkeley.

Established for high-achieving students from partner high schools in California, the scholarship provides monetary, community, and academic support to UC Berkeley students.


“The Fiat Lux Scholarship has given me the opportunity to focus on my academics without working or worrying about how to pay for an amazing education. Coming from a low income family I understand the feeling of not having enough money to pursue your dreams. This once in a lifetime scholarship has offered countless opportunities to network and gain a head start at the number one public university in the nation!”

Daisy B.
Fiat Lux Scholar, Media Studies major

Support and Community for High-Achievers at UC Berkeley

One of the highest academic honors offered to new students, the scholarship supports California’s best and brightest for the length of their undergraduate studies at UC Berkeley. The scholarship provides opportunities to network with faculty, current scholars, and alumni, and create enduring relationships that support success and seed future endeavors.

All students who apply for financial aid at Berkeley are automatically considered (no extra application needed!). The monetary award meets up to the full financial need of the cost of attendance (as determined by the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office).

Fiat Lux Scholarship recipients shine brightly at Berkeley. Discover a scholarship program offering a wealth of support, community, and enrichment that opens doors to a lifelong pursuit of excellence and service. “Let there be light!”

You can also download Berkeley’s Luminaries: Fiat Lux Scholarship (PDF) for information.

Looking to help move the Fiat Lux mission forward? You can do so by contributing to the Fiat Lux Scholarship Program. With each donation, you help the next generation of Berkeley students shine brighter and enrich our ever-growing campus community. Donate today.