Welcome to Fall 2023 at Berkeley!

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Financial Aid & You
This portal is meant to offer some helpful resources to get you started on your journey with the support of the Financial Aid & Scholarships Office. Our team is working to help you worry less about financing your education and enjoy more of your time being a student. 


Have Questions?
Start here with our downloadable Navigation Guide. 

Navigation Guide


Wondering How Financial Aid Works?
Check out our How Aid Works page to learn more on what to expect with the Financial Aid & Scholarships Office.


Need to get a bit more in-depth Now?
We’re here to support you today! Speak to our front desk representatives in Sproul Hall to join our in-person advising queue to have your questions answered! 


Our Team is Here to Help! 
If you need help beyond today’s events, refer to our Services & Areas of Support page to choose a path right for you.